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How does Somnofit work?

With Somnofit: Free Airway

Somnofit is based on a proven anti-snoring medical solution called mandibular advancement. It is proven to treat snoring effectively and may also be useful for treating cases of mild sleep apnoea. Somnofit draws the lower jaw forward just a few millimeters while you are asleep to move your tongue forward and tense the soft tissue in the back of your throat. This opens your airway, allowing you to breathe more easily (see image).

Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that splints such as the Somnofit effectively suppress or considerably reduce snoring and in some cases, mild sleep apnoea.

How is Somnofit fitted and used?

Somnofit is made of two oral mouldings that are fitted to the upper and lower jaw. Simply immerse each moulding in heated water to soften the thermal moulding material and fit them to your teeth. Simple as that!

The two mouldings are then joined by a supple strap, which guides the lower jaw advancement (measured in millimeters). In minutes, you've got a fully personalised Somnofit that's ready to use. Ready to help you get a restful night's unbroken and snore-free sleep.

The Artoflex system

Without Somnofit: Restricted Airway

Each Somnofit moulding is made from highly pliable thermoformable material, which adapts perfectly to any dental morphology and ensures comfortable retention in the mouth. Unlike inferior splints, the Somnofit distributes forces evenly over all teeth and molars so its user can expect to quickly get comfortable with wearing the appliance every night and throughout the night.

Who is it for?

Somnofit is recommend for:

  • Snoring
  • Mild sleep apnoea (diagnosis and ongoing medical supervision required)
  • Mild-to-moderate sleep apnoea patients on the move, travelling, camping, boating, holidaying etc. who prefer an alternative to their usual CPAP therapy (professional medical consultation required)
  • Bruxism (grinding teeth), migraines due to jaw tensions

Somnofit is NOT suitable for people who:

  • Wear full or partial dentures
  • Have mandibular (lower jaw) pain
  • Have loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease
  • Have upper or lower jaws with fewer than 10 teeth
  • Suffer from severe or central sleep apnoea
  • Are under 18 years old

Who is it made by?

The Somnofit MAD is engineered and manufactured in Switzerland by an established healthcare company called Oscimed SA. In 2008 they were awarded the ISO 13485:2003 certificiate for their outstanding quality management systems for the development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and other healthcare products. Oscimed puts utmost care into delivering quality products conform the latest medical standards.

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