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Somnofit Benefits

By gently positioning the lower jaw just a few millimetres forward form its usual position, the airway frees up so obstructions disappear instantly, or reduce considerably. This simple technique, combined with the high quality materials Somnofit is made of, offers the Somnofit user a multitude of benefits.

How you will benefit from using Somnofit MAD

  • Rediscover the benefits of refreshing sleep that is so vital to good health. Obstructed breathing may lower blood oxygen levels which can lead to daytime fatigue and organs being starved of oxygen they need to function properly. Arousals and snoring sounds also interrupt the sleep, fragmenting the rest you get. When you don't get enough deep sleep time, regeneration time is reduced which will have knock-on effects on overall health. Somnofit addresses the cause instantly so you can experience a deep, restful sleep again.

  • With Somnofit: Your partner can enjoy sleep againNo longer disturb anyone around you, or deprive them of sleep. Bedpartners, housemates, your children and even neighbours can be troubled by your habitual snoring. Not only is it a nuisance to listen to, it also fragments their sleep, presenting a potential health risk to those around you. Do you really want to continue being the cause of their frustrations and fatigue? With Somnofit, you can sleep quietly again. The poeple around you will be thankful!

  • Have the advantage of the latest research and technology to help you sleep better. Somnofit is made by top healthcare engineers Oscimed SA, in Switzerland. First launched many years ago, the product has been continually refined based on user feedback and clinical data. Unlike many other MADs, the Somnofit has the ability to distribute the force evenly over all teeth and molars so there is no excessive force on any one tooth. The materials used in the Somnofit MAD are designed to high medical standards, ensuring long-term safety of the user.

  • Look better, feel better and wake refreshed! You know how you can instantly see when someone had a rough night. People see that in you too! By wearing Somnofit, you can get a decent night's sleep again, something your body will be grateful for. People who sleep well generally look much healthier, feel much better and have lots more energy. The change is often quite noticable to those around you.

  • One Somnofit can last you a year. Unlike sprays, clips, oils and other miracle snoring cures you have to stock up on, Somnofit is designed to last. When maintained well, you can expect the mouth splint to last around 12 months, therefore making this a 25p a night solution to your (and others') sleep problems. Somnofit is a proven solution with clinical evidence you can rely on. With its quality materials and exceptional durability, the Somnofit MAD is a cost effective remedy to your snoring problem.

  • Somnofit: A complete kit, ready to useSomnofit comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions in plain English. A thermometer is also included so you don't risk burning your mouth when you heat and fit the mouldings. Unlike other mandibular advancement devices, the Somnofit mouldings do not need to boil. This makes Somnofit very safe to fit at home, at the GPs practice or in the dentist's chair. There is no screw or hook linking the upper and lower jaw so with Somnofit's supple straps, there is enough flexibility to avoid that claustrophobic feeling some bulkier and fixed MADs may cause. A handy storage box is included too!
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