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There are dozens of snoring remedies out there and new ones pop up almost every month. Some work better than others and certain categories of remedies are based on sound clinical principles whereas others are based on it working for the inventor. Most snorers have tried a number of them, ranging from the cheap to the expensive but are still left feeling frustrated about the snoring that remains (and the hole in their pocket). Here we will discuss the main snoring solutions in existance today and what our customers and patients thought of them before they found our MADs.

  • Surgery - Surgical options for snorers and sleep apnoea sufferers range from weightloss operations and burning away tissue to cutting off the lower jaw and re-attaching it. Hardly ever covered by health insurance, surgical intervention can cost thousands of pounds and as you can see by Googling around, success rates are poor. We have heard of people not able to talk for as long as two weeks after lasers attempted to burn away excess tissue in the back of their throat. Others reported that when they drank something, it would come straight out as their throat was unable (at least for a while) to hold it down. The actual burning away of tissue is reported to be very painful too. Quite often, patients regret having made the investment after the initial benefits wear off. Long-term success of snoring surgery is currently far lower than mandibular advancement or positive airway pressure and the initial outlay a lot higher too.

  • Snoring Solutions: Last resortAromatherapy / Sprays - Essential oils like Marjoram have been reported to have a positive effect on snoring. We are not aware of any clinical data verifying this but it seems it may be working for some. Of course, when actual blockages occur such as in the case of sleep apnoea, scented air can not do much to rectify this dangerous situation. There are also many sprays which claim to prevent snoring. A preliminary study by Andrew J. N. Prichard showed a reduction in snoring reported by bedpartners but this was not objectively recorded. Noted in the study is the fact that the effects of these types of interventions are often short-lived and often last just about long enough to help the bedpartner fall asleep. Once the solution is swallowed or diluted with saliva, its effects appear wear off too.

  • Nasal Dilation / Strips - In those where snoring is caused or aggrevated by nasal congestion, nasal dilation may have a positive impact on their snoring. Nasal strips try to pull the nostrils open wider so air can come in more easily. However, if your tongue or throat is the cause, you will probably find this to be of little benefit. Nasal irrigation such as Jala Neti or pulsatile irrigation also helps to keep the nose clear and make breathing easier. Strips, drops, sprays and salts to combat nasal digestion require an ongoing investment.

  • Snoring Solutions: CPAP MaskPositive Airway Pressure - Overkill for simple snoring alone but essential for those with sleep apnoea, positive airway pressure involves an airpump and a mask worn at night to blow air into the throat and keep it open. For simple snoring, the investment and prescription requirements are often too much to be an economical and comfortable solution. In the case of sleep apnoea, positive airway pressure treatment is the clinically recognised gold standard for effective treatment.

  • Rings / Pillows / Watches - You may be surprised to know these products are advertised as solutions for snoring. We have come across a ring you wear on one of your fingers, which is reported to work on your medridian lines to stop snoring. How exactly this prevents vibrations and blockages, we don't know but you can give it a try for aorund £25! Another gadgety-type solution for snoring is the special anti-snoring pillows you may have seen. They work on the principle of positioning the head so snoring is reduced or avoided. Some have compartments that can be blown up by the bedpartner to move the snorer over. This remedy tends to work OK in certain positions but not consistently throughout the night. The craziest idea so far has been a watch you wear which detects snoring and then sends an electrical current to zap you and wake you up. Yes, this stops snoring but does little to promote a good night's sleep.
  • Mandibular Advancement - In our experience, this snoring remedy offers the best success-comfort-cost ratio. Clinically validated to work as an effective solution for snoring, with mandibular advancement devices (MAD) - also known as mandibular advancement splints (MAS), oral appliances therapy (OAT) or mandibular repositioning devices (MRD) - the benefits of these mouth splints are instant and consistent. By pulling the lower jaw forward just slightly, the tongue moves away from the back of the throat and the soft tissue around the throat tense so they don't vibrate. Air now flows freely and snoring is prevented or signigicantly reduced. In certain cases and when under medical supervision, MADs may work for mild-to-moderate sleep apnoea too. The Somnofit MAD is such a mouth splint for snorers. This website explains in details how the Somnofit can help you sleep better again.

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