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Contact Intus Healthcare for more information about the Somnofit solution for snoring. We can also help you if you suspect there is more going on than just snoring alone (such as sleep apnoea, when you literally stop breathing and then gasp for air). We have been helping snorers and sleep apnoea patients for many years and look forward to helping you on your way to finding the right solution too.

You can call us during office hours on 0844 504 9999 or alternatively, use the form below to contact us by e-mail.

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Clinical Evidence
Sleep Clinic du Tondu, Bordeaux

In a 2007 study, Dr Monteyrol tested the Somnofit mandibular advancement device on seven snorers with additional mild sleep apnoea via Polysomnography and found a 36% reduction in AHI, 52% reduction in micro-arousals and a 63% reduction in snoring.

Somnofit Benefits
You can now stop looking for the next miracle snoring cure! Experience the proven benefits of the Somnofit mouth splint...

A proven remedy for snoring, based on sound medical principles.

Precision engineered in Switzerland (not mass-produced in the Far East). CE approved too!

Based on the clinically proven concept of mandibular advancement - pulling forward of the lower jaw.

A cost effective solution to your nightly problems. No need to stock up on strips, sprays or clips!
Read full benefits...
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