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About Snoring

Snoring: A health risk and social problem in oneSnoring is a growing problem for many in the UK. Fuelled by weight problems, the number of people who snore habitually is on the rise. Not only do they risk fragmented sleep for themselves, they also annoy those around them and have a negative impact on their sleep.

Snoring sounds happen when tissue in the airways - nose and/or throat - vibrate when air passes around it. In a non-snorer, this air moves freely into the windpipe but in snorers, narrow airways, excess tissue, an enlarged uvula or tongue etc. cause air turbulence and vibration which leads to the all-to-familar sounds of snoring. Alcohol and sleeping pills often aggrevate snoring because tissue relaxes further so the throat is more prone to narrow. Sinus problems and nasal congestion contribute to snoring too.

Even conservative estimates state one in four adults snore. In some age groups, this goes up as high as 50%. Everybody knows someone who snores or is on the receiving end of a snorer's problems. For these reasons, snoring isn't just a health risk but a big social problem too. With a simple solution such as manidbular advancement, these problems are quickly addressed so everybody involved can enjoy a good night's sleep again.

Considerable Health Risks

Aside from the risks sleep deprivation brings with it and daytime drowsiness, irratibility, inability to concentrate and decreased libido, snoring is also linked with cardiovascular disease and stroke. As reported by the BBC, Hungarian scientists concluded that loud snorers had a 34% increased risk of having a heart attack and a 67% greater chance of suffering a stroke.

Chronic stress borne out of the frustration of a snoring partner and sometimes even the resulting divorce further contribute to a reduced quality of life for both snorer, bedpartner and those around the snorer.

Are you just snoring?

If aside from snoring, you are also experiencing lapses in breathing and or excessive daytime sleepiness, you could be suffering from something far more severe. Snoring is a serious issue but sleep apnoea is far more dangerous and requires medical consultation as soon as possible. To help distinguish your symptoms between snoring and sleep apnoea, please take this sleep test.

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